Gente udite la mia favola!

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udite la mia favola!

Prima edizione
Luglio 2020
via Cesare Battisti 1b 20854 Vedano al Lambro (MB)
+39 3804788847

Progetto grafico e impaginazione: Alessandra Carcano
Illustrazioni: Danielle De Souza

Stampato in Italia 2020 proprietà letteraria riservata

© Touba Culturale Italy srl

È vietata la riproduzione, anche parziale, con qualsiasi mezzo effettuata, compresa la fotocopia, anche ad uso interno o didattico, non autorizzata.


udite la mia favola !

Folks, folks, listen to my fairy tale!

Rendere male per bene.. pag. 6

La perla del Re............. pag. 22

L’orfanella...................... pag. 36

il  topo e l’infelicità....... pag. 54


Make bad for good

"Folks, folks, listen to my fairy tale! Welcome to your fairy tale. "

My story starts on the edge of time, runs ... runs ... rumbles between mountains, rivers, valleys, and falls on a crocodile, a young boy and a hare.

It was the time of the great drought when the river retired to his bed.

A crocodile found himself bogged down without more strength to get out and drag himself to River.

A young man, traveling, passed by and the crocodile begged him to help him reach the river.
The young man was afraid at the mere sight of its sharp teeth.

- Help me please! I won't do anything to you. If I stay here, I will die for sure.

- Do you swear that if I go near you won't eat me?

- I swear to my children!

After a thousand hesitations, the young man surrendered at his entreaties and sought ways to transport woodworm.  Finding a wooden tablet, he placed it there the crocodile tying it and put it on the head is going to move it to the river.

When he arrived, he untied it and released it into the water.

The crocodile thanked him:

- Thank you, thank you very much for saving me life but now I'm hungry.

 I need to eat and you seem to me the meal sent to me by fate.

- But how? That's how you thank those who have you saved your life?

- It's true, you saved me from a probable death you but if I don't eat you now, for sure mine death will be certain. I need to eat and therefore I will eat you.                              

  …… be continued….


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